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Upcoming Tournaments

Saturday Sessions 4 C ~ SATURDAY October 12 ~ 5 games ~ at Reservoir
WESPA Scrabble Championship ~ October 15-24 ~ 32 games plus finals ~ Goa, India
Saturday Sessions 4 D ~ SATURDAY November 2 ~ 5 games ~ at Reservoir
The FaNS Tournament ~ SUNDAY November 17 ~ 7 games ~ at Watsonia
Vic/SA Border Challenge ~ SAT/SUNDAY November 23/24 ~ 10 games ~ at Horsham
Decathon ~ SUNDAY December 29 ~ 10 games ~ at Balwyn

To see the full list of Victorian tournaments click HERE

A social day out for Seniors! Thursday October 10, 2019

44 players assembled at the Golden Age Senior Citizens' Club in Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley, for the annual Seniors Tournament, a non-rated event hosted by Scrabble Victoria and open to the public. A grant from the Department of Health and Ageing allowed the day to be run free of charge, and we thank Mr Chris Reidy and the Department for their generosity.
Players were divided into groups and played a Round Robin, with each group bearing the name of a flower - Amaryllis, Bluebell etc. Morning tea was served early in the day, followed by a generous lunch which all enjoyed. Prizes were given to the winner of each section, as well as door prizes.
Carol Johnsen was in charge of the organisation of the event, and would like to thank Christiane McCann, Lynne Goodinson, Angie Pearse and Lay-Hoon Ng and anyone else who helped on the day, your assistance was greatly appreciated!
Scrabble is played regularly at the Golden Age Community Centre and the meeting times are as follows: Mondays and Wednesdays 9.30am - 3pm, with a very short break over the Christmas period. Plase drop in if you'd like a game!

The Annual Essendon Tournament - September 29, 2019

This year's event was held for the first time at the home of the Essendon Scrabble Club, at 5 Kellaway Avenue, Moonee Ponds, a very comfortable venue - the Essendon Club meets there on Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm, and all players are welcome to drop in for a game.
Thirty-four players were divided into three divisions, with Club Convenor Rob York doing a great job of organising, and Barry Harridge doing a sterling job on computer duties. Sadly several of the Essendon Club were unable to attend, mainly due to ill health - we hope all are feeling better. Christie Godby looked after the kitchen duties as well as playing, and we thank all the Essendon members who contributed to making the tournament such a pleasant day out.

Division A winners - Geoff Wright, Edward Okulicz
and Anand Bharadwaj

Division B - John Rider, Noel Coulter, Marj Miller
and Rob York

Division C - Annette Casey, Betty Egan, Mohammed
Hegazi and Oliver Podesser
Division A saw an unstoppable Geoff Wright in fine form with 6 wins, followed by Edward Okulicz and Anand Bharadwaj, on six and five wins respectively. Anand scored 565 to achieve the High Game Award, and Carol Johnsen scored 102 for JOUSTED to win the High Word Award.
Division B was an interesting tussle with John Rider triumphing on 5 wins, as were second and third placed Rob York and Marj Miller. John's score of 490 won him the High Game Award, and Noel Coulter's play of FISHIER for 113 won the High Word Award.
Division C was also closely fought, with Betty Egan winning six of the seven games played to take first place, followed by Oliver Podesser also on six wins, and Mohammed Hegazi on 4 wins. Mohammed scored 455 to win the High Game Award, and Annette Casey's play of JELLIES for 84 points won the High Word Award.
Excellent ratings gains were achieved by Geoff Wright +41, Betty Egan +39, Rob York +30, Oliver Podessedr +29 and John Rider +28.
Congratulations to all who played so well, and to see the full results of the tournament click HERE

The Geelong Tournament - Saturday September 14, 2019

Once again the Geelong members hosted this annual event at the Uniting Church in Sydney Parade, thank you to them all. This is the home of their Scrabble Club - drop in for a game on a Saturday afternoon, you will be made very welcome.
Thirty players participated in three divisions, with Carol Johnsen directing. Carol welcomed all players, including Suzy Mizzi and Jo Barry who played in their first tournaments. Well done to you both, we hope you enjoyed the experience.

First-time player Suzy Mizzi from the Geelong Club,
with Carolyn Miller from Bentleigh Club

Relaxing between games -
Rob York, Eileen Mills & Balada Catanchin

Players take time out in the tea room

Norma's 749 Game
Click the pic to enlarge
The highlight of the day was Norma Fisher's high game score of 749-164 in Game Two, creating the highest score and margin for the current year. This is also the second highest score and the record for the largest margin in Australian Scrabble history. Well done, Norma, this is an outstanding achievement and well deserved after your many years of service to the game!

Division ABLETT was won by Marj Miller on 5 wins, followed by Norma Fisher and Rob York, each on 4 wins. As mentioned Norma Fisher had the highest game score for this division, and Shaun Donnelly played INDENTER for 130 points to achieve the High Word score for the day.
Division BARLOW was won by local player Anne Menheere with 5 wins, with Dorothy Barraclough and Cherry Chapman in second and third places respectively, winning four games each. The High Game and High Word accolades went to Dorothy Barraclough for her score of 489 and her play of QUIZ for 120 points, an amazing score for a non-bonus word.
Division CATS saw Janet Matthews victorious on 5 wins, followed by Balada Catanchin and Suzy Mizzi, both on 4 wins. Tessa Knight had the High Game score (427) for this division, and Janet Matthews play of DASHERS for 93 points was the best for the day.
To check the full results of the 2019 Geelong Tournament click HERE

Division Ablett:
Norma Fisher, Shaun Donnelly, Marj Miller & Rob York

Division Barlow:
Dorothy Barraclough, Cherry Chapman & Anne Menheere

Division Cats: Marlene Ellis presenting awards to Janet Matthews,
Suzy Mizzi, Balada Catanchin & Tessa Knight

The Australian Masters and State Team Challenge - September 7/8, 2019

2019 Australian Masters
Champion Chris May
These prestigious annual events were held at the Gorman Arts Centre in Braddon, Canberra, the nation's capital. President of the A.C.T. Scrabble Association John Hamilton was the main organiser, and with his team of helpers conducted a very enjoyable event. In the Masters the top 20 Australian players available played a round robin of 19 games, while teams of three players from each state attempted to better the players from the other states in the State Challenge.

Chris May from New South Wales is now the Australian Masters Champion, having won all 9 games played on Day 2 to give him a total of 14 wins, well done, Chris! Second placed Cameron Farlow from Queensland led for most of the tournament, finishing on 13 wins. Third place went to Victor Tung from New South Wales, also on 13 wins, and Naween Fernando from Victoria filled fourth place on 12 wins. The High Game and High Word Awards were won by Jakob Teitelbaum from the A.C.T. for his game score of 667 and his play of COMPOSER for 176 points. Well done to everyone.

The title of Champion Team for 2019 went to the team from the A.C.T. comprising John Spaan, Alex Boiko and Noel Barrett - congratulations to you all. The team won 38 games, followed by South Australia (30 wins), Tasmania (26), New South Wales (25), Western Australia (24), Queensland (24) and Victoria (22).
Edie Mueller from Western Australia scored 593 to win the High Game Award, and the High Word Award went to Ian Ting, also from W.A., for his play of GRINCHES for 167 points. Congratulations to the Champion Team and to all award winners, well done to all.

To see the full results of the Australian Masters and the State Team Challenge click HERE

WESPA World Seniors Tournament, in Queensland - August 30 - September 1

Australia's Esther Perrins accepts the
winner's trophy. Well done, Esther!

The top three placegetters: Joanne Craig (2nd),
Esther Perrins (1st), Rod Talbot (3rd)

John Rider and Noel Coulter scored 149 each for their
equal High Words: John GODLIEST, Noel OVERSAIL
Thanks to Carol Johnsen for this report!
What is it that is the allure of playing in an international Seniors tournament. I had jumped at the opportunity to play in the 2017 WESPA Seniors tournament in Christchurch, New Zealand and here again playing in the 2019 WESPA Seniors Championship on home soil (albeit still a few thousand kilometres away). I have come to the conclusion that it is the anticipation that you might actually win one of the big prizes (quite substantial) because all of those "younger" whizzes won't be there. Oh how wrong I am - those "younger" ones have joined the senior ranks - Esther Perrins (eventual winner), Joanne Craig, etc. And don't forget that there are former Australian and international champions in the field - John Holgate, Bob Jackman, Tony Sim (Singapore) and Howard Warner (NZ).
But, that aside, it is a great event and, this year, very ably organised by Karen Richards, and directed by John Hamilton for what was a flawlessly-run tournament. Sixteen Victorian players participated (133 in all) with creditable mentions to Heather Long (best 65+ and 10th overall placing); and John Rider (GODLIEST) and Noel Coulter (OUTSAIL) tying for highest word of the tournament with scores of 149.
The next WESPA Seniors tournament is planned for 29 April to 1 May, 2020 in Malta which is well worth a visit if you have not been there before.
To see the full results of the World Seniors click HERE

Victoria's Most Improved Player for 2018/19 - Jeremy Yip!

Jeremy accepted his Award at the McKinnon
House Fundraiser in July this year.

Jeremy at his second tournament in January
2018, with Balada Catanchin, Khwanjai
Thammaping & Dominica Krstic
Each year Barry Harridge works out the Victorian player who has achieved the highest ratings gain, calculated from the beginning of June till the end of May the following year. This year the accolades go to Jeremy Yip (+295 points) who is currently studying medicine at Melbourne Uni, well done, Jeremy, and good luck with your ongoing studies which make it difficult for you to attend tournaments more regularly. In the meantime Jeremy hones his Scrabble skills online, often playing good friend Anand Bharadwaj several games in succession, often of very brief duration. Rajiv Amarnani did well to gain 256 points in the two tournaments he played, and our junior player Oscar Ivanovski continues to rise up the ratings ladder with an excellent gain of 208 points over 12 months. Well done to all who made it on to the Most Improved List for 2018-19, a great achievement by all.

Saturday Sessions 4B ~ August 31, 2019

Thirty-eight players took part in the sixth Saturday Session for the year, with two more to come. Late withdrawals meant a revamp of the draw, but TD Nick Ivanovski soon had things sorted. Thanks for your efforts, Nick.
Here is the rogues' gallery of the winners - full marks to John Rider, Doreen Ivanovski and Oscar Ivanovski as all won all their five games played on the day, and substantially increased their ratings - John +48, Doreen +46 and Oscar +38. Well done to everyone!
To see the full results of SS 4B click HERE

Div. A Winner, Naween Fernando

Division B winner, Julie Belle

Division C winner, Angie Pearse

Division D winner, John Rider

Div. E winner, Doreen Ivanovski

Div. F winner, Oscar Ivanovski

The Ryman Healthcare Classic Tournament, with the A.G.M. ~ August 18, 2019

Happy Ann Goodwin received her 1000-game
badge from President Carol. Well done, Ann!
This year's annual AGM tournament was sponsored by Ryman Healthcare, a New Zealand care company which is becoming increasingly involved in investing in the healthcare field here in Victoria, offering a range of services in their villages from independent living to low care, and on upwards to dementia care.
The generosity of Ryman Healthcare enabled us to hire the Bentleigh Bowls Club, a pleasant venue in which to run a tournament, and assisted with awarding more substantial prizes in each of the three divisions played. Thank you, Ryman Healthcare!
Thirty-six players took part, playing seven games, and all enjoyed the day. Awards were presented by Jennifer Roberts representing Ryman Healthcare, thanks for visiting, Jennifer, we hope you enjoyed your taste of Scrabble!

Jennifer Roberts from Ryman Healthcare
with Edward Okulicz, Division A winner

Jennifer with Christiane McCann, winner
of Division B

Annette Casey receives her awards for
winning Division C and High Game

This draw between Andrew Fisher & Nick
Ivanovski (449) made a big difference to the
Div A results. Click pic to enlarge
In Division A Edward Okulicz triumphed in a very hard-fought contest - early in the day Shirley de Silva lead with Barry Harridge in hot pursuit, but as time went by they were overtaken by Edward and Mythili Rudra who placed second, with Shirley and Barry placing third and fourth respectively. The top four all finished on five wins, so it was a tough division indeed! Andrew Fisher won both the High Game and High Word awards for his score of 587, and his play of YUTZ for 101 points.

Division B saw Christiane McCann happy with her first placing, winning six games in a tough tussle with Kris Howat (second) and Christie Godby (third). The High Game award went to Rob York for his score of 487, and the High Word award was divided between Glen Chandler who played CRAZIES, and Glenys Dettmann who played SIMILAR, both scoring 91 points.

Division C saw the best individual performance of the day, with Annette Casey winning all 7 games, well done, Annette! Second place went to Elize Plaganyi on 5 wins, followed by Dorothy Rice on 4 wins. The High Game award went to Ann Goodwin for her score of 476, and Annette Casey took home the High Word award for her play of EXACTING for 122 points. Well played, everyone!

Fun during a break - Angie Winkler, Ann
Goodwin, Annette Casey & Rob York

Tables 1 & 2 - Shirley de Silva, Gwen
Lampre, Norma Fisher & Mythili Rudra

Table 3 & 4 - Nick Ivanovski, Edward Okulicz,
Andrew Fisher & Barry Harridge

A good game from Edward Okulicz, including
four bonus words. Click to enlarge
The Annual General Meeting saw several changes - Carol Johnsen has stepped down as President, with Nick Ivanovski taking over the position - Carol is now the Secretary and Public Officer. Norma Fisher (Vice-president) and Gwen Lampre (Membership Officer) retired, and their positions are filled by Christie Godby and Glen Chandler respectively. Peter Kougi remains the Treasurer, Trevor Halsall continues as Rules Officer, and other continuing Committee members are Natasha Podesser and Anand Bharadwaj, with Elizabeth McKean and Rob York putting up their hands and joining them.
Thank you to all - retiring, continuing and new members to the Committee - for your commitment to Scrabble in Victoria, it is truly appreciated!

To check the archives for the full results of the Ryman Classic click HERE

Vale Ruth Fewings

From the Herald Sun 5.8.2019:
FEWINGS. Ruth McBurney. Died peacefully at Bendigo on August 3, 2019. Aged 91 Years. Dearly loved wife of the late Alan. Loved and loving mother of Jane, Fr Andrew, Simon (dec), Tim, and John (dec) and mother-in-law of Patsie and Lynn and their families.

Ruth had held the National High Word record since 1986 for
her play of "ELOQUeNT" for 284 points, and Joanne Craig
from New South Wales equalled this in 2002 with her play
of "SLEAZIeR". Their record stood until 2012 when Carol
Hudson from Western Australia played "CRAZIEST" for 302.

This is from the 24-game Marathon in 2010, with Ruth front and centre - 28 players
competed, starting at lunchtime on Saturday and finishing sometime on Sunday morning.
What wonderful stamina from all, and Ruth thoroughly enjoyed it! The winner was David
Eldar just visible fourth from the left, with second placed Naween Fernando ninth from
the left. Organiser Norma Fisher is seated to Ruth's right. Click to enlarge
Here are some words from President Carol Johnsen, and some photos from the archives.
Many Scrabblers across Australia will be saddened to hear of the passing of this delightful and energetic Scrabbler.
Ruth was the founder of the Bendigo Scrabble Club which she maintained for many years and many of us remember the trips up to Bendigo for her well-patronised tournaments. Ruth continued to play in tournaments and remained as the Bendigo club organiser until a few years ago when ill health and, particularly, her failing eyesight took over.
Ruth was also the founder and organiser of Postal Scrabble in which Scrabblers from all over Australia participated, expectantly waiting for their next move to arrive in the mail each week. Vale Ruth.

From 2009, Ruth with Audree Clifton
and Ann Hagley

2011 at Geelong, Anna Palmer, Ruth,
and Glenys Dettmann

At the 2008 Marathon at Box Hill,
Ruth with Pat Alsopp

In 2010 - Arjun Haria plays Ruth, with
lots of unused space on the board!

Saturday Sessions 4A ~ August 3, 2019

The first of the fourth series saw 36 players take part, playing five games apiece in the traditional Round Robin format.
Division winners were Naween Fernando (A), Kashi Thiris (B), Noel Coulter (C), Dianne Gibson (D), Oscar Ivanovski (E) and Faye Leeder (F).
To check the full results of SS 4A click HERE

Play in progress, with Carolyn Miller playing Norma Engel closest to the camera

Naween Fernando

Kashi Thiris - file photo

Noel Coulter

Dianne Gibson

Oscar Ivanovski - from the files

Angie Winkler and Faye Leeder - file photo

Scrabble Two Ways! And a great high game! July 21, 2019

Anand Bharadwaj, Hardcore winner, with his
brilliant High Game Board Click to enlarge

TD Nick Ivanovski, overseeing some serious games!
Here are a few words from Tournament Director, Nick Ivanovski:
"Hi everyone, the Scrabble Two Ways tournament was held in Reservoir and featured some memorable Scrabble.
Anand's Game 6 result (744 points) is the highest game score ever recorded by a Victorian in a domestic event and, according to the Scrabble Australia site, the second highest in Australia of all time. There is a video report of the event on Facebook - to watch the action click HERE and scroll down to the Scrabble Two Ways video, dated July 21. Thank you to everyone for taking part! Many thanks, Nick"

A total of thirty-two players took part on the day, with eight competing in the Hardcore event - this was played using a five point penalty challenge, with a "winner-take-all" prize structure. Anand Bharadwaj was successful, winning on margin from Andrew Fisher with both on six wins from seven games played, followed by Trevor Halsall on five wins. Congrats to Anand on your great score of 744, which included six bonus words - TELECOMS, PARTING, GOLIARDS, MIDRANGE, EQUATION and RAYLIKE.

Carol Johnsen and Anand Bharadwaj, after
Anand's big win

Trevor Halsall plays Natasha Podesser, with
Carol Johnsen and Paula Messer next door

Angie Pearse and Carol Johnsen with Pat
Weston, visiting from Geelong

Andrew Fisher plays Anand Bharadwaj, with
Noel Coulter and Geoff Wright
The Regular Events, with our regular prize structure, saw twenty-four playing in two divisions with Norma Fisher successful in Regular A, followed by Barry Harridge and Kashi Thiris, all on 5 wins. Kashi scored 535 points to win the High Game award, and Angie Pearse's play of FRENZIES for 113 points won her the High Word award.
Regular B was won by Dianne Gibson, back in form and clear on 6 wins from Betty Egan and Christiane McCann, both on 5 wins. Doreen Ivanovski collected both the High Game award for her score of 477 points and the High Word award for her play of SKILLET for 98 points.
Well done, everyone! And thanks to Nick Ivanovski for his words, and the use of his photos.

Regular A Winners:
Angie Pearse, Norma Fisher and Kashi
Thiris - missing, Barry Harridge

Regular B Winners:
Doreen Ivanovski, Dianne Gibson,
Betty Egan, Christiane McCann

Happy Scrabblers at St Gabriel's Primary
School, Reservoir - Norma Fisher, Rob York
and Balada Catanchin

Angie Winkler who runs the Watsonia Club,
and also plays at the Greensborough Club,
as does Betty Egan
To check the full results of the Two Ways Tournament click HERE

The Midwinter Tournament at Watsonia - with an Italian theme! July 7, 2019

The hall at 47 Lambourn Road, Watsonia

The playing room, with Dorothy Barraclough
This was a fun event held in a new very comfortable venue, the Watsonia Community Hall in Lambourn Road. Next door is the Watsonia Neighbourhood House where two of our popular clubs meet - Greensborough on Tuesdays at 1.00pm, and Watsonia on Wednesdays from 12md till 3pm. Drop in for a game at any time, you will be made very welcome!
The two Clubs combined to run the tournament, and thoroughly enjoyed creating Italian decorations and yummy Italian inspired goodies, which we all enjoyed. Special table numbers displayed various Italian cities and locations, and we thank all who helped make this event different and enjoyable. The Italian theme was an early celebration of Marisa's next milestone birthday, which takes place in September. Winners of the door prizes were happy with their Scrabble related gifts, and Geoff Shepheard won the prize for the best Italian word "ROMA", as judged by Marisa. Geoff was wished good luck for his imminent move to Perth, necessitated by changes to his employment. Good luck, Geoff, you have been a good friend and a huge asset to Scrabble in Victoria! Local players Val Hardiman and Rita Hodgson visited, as did Nick and Oscar Ivanovski later in the day.

Club Convenors Marisa and Angie, with some
of the amazing food

The colourful registration table, with Norma,
Annette, Marj and Latha

Happy door prize winner Balada Catanchin,
with her Italian wine

Greensborough player Rita Hodgson, Glenys
Dettmann, Annette Casey & Eileen Mills

ASSISSI Awesomeness:
Geoff Wright, Trevor Halsall and Natasha

BOLOGNA Brilliance:
Glenys Dettmann, Khwanjai Thammaping,
Christiane McCann, Paula Messer

The COMO Champions:
Angie Winkler, Eileen Mills, Annette Casey,
Elize Plaganyi

Thank you to Geoff Shepheard for your
amazing help over many years! You were
appreciated by all, and good luck in Perth!
We welcomed first-time tournament player Cate Johnson who plays regularly at the Greensborough Club, and Cate enjoyed the experience. Thirty-two players took part, playing in three divisions:
ASSISSI was won by Trevor Halsall, with six wins from 7 games. Second place went to Geoff Wright on 5 wins, and third was Natasha Podesser on who won 4 games. The High Word award was won by Trevor for his great play of SPOOFIER for 158 points, and Natasha was very excited to win the High Game award with a brilliant score of 627, her highest game score in any tournament! Well done, Natasha and all!
BOLOGNA saw Paula Messer in good form, winning 5 of the 7 games played, closely followed by Christiane McCann, also on 5 wins, with Khwanjai third on 4 wins. The High Game award was won by Khwanjai for her excellent score of 498, and Glenys Dettmann played QUESTED for 113 points to win the High Word award. Well done, everyone.
COMO saw the best individual performance for the day, with Annette Casey winning all 7 games, an achievement which is so difficult to achieve! Good play, Annette! Second place went to Eileen Mills on 5 wins, with Elize Plaganyi finishing third, also on 5 wins. Watsonia Club Convenor Angie Winkler scored 442 to take home the High Game award, and Annette Casey played OUTVOTED for 95 points to win the High Word award. Nice play, everyone.

Organisers Angie Winkler and Marisa
Nuccitelli, with new player Cate Johnson.

Scrabble stalwarts Latha Weerakkody and
John Parker

Chatting - Geoff Wright, Jenny Brysha, TD
Marj Miller, Geoff Shepheard, Trevor Halsall

Packing up! It looks like Ann Goodwin
was left alone to do it all!
Thank you to the members of the two Clubs for running this event, and we hope you can do the same again next year!
To check the full results of the Midwinter Tournament click HERE

The McKinnon House Fundraiser ~ June 30, 2019

This six game event, held at the temporary home of the Balwyn Scrabble Club (230 Balwyn Road, Mondays at 1.00 pm), was organised by Khwanjai Thammaping who regularly raises funds for the residents at her place of work to assist them to have an enjoyable outing at the end of the year. Well done, Khwanjai.
Relatives, friends and McKinnon House staff members attended and helped in many ways with catering and care of the residents when they visited in the afternoon. A Thai lunch was provided by the helpers, and this was lovely and fresh and tasty, and everyone appreciated the between-game home-baked goodies. We were well looked after indeed! Raffle prizes had been donated by several people and the proceeds helped swell the amount raised on the day.

Some of the players, helpers and one of the McKinnon House residents at the Balwyn Community Centre - Ollie, the young man in the front row, enjoyed helping his Mum
and everyone with whatever needed doing! Thanks, Ollie!
Tournament Director Barry Harridge announced that the updated Collins Scrabble Words 2019 were in use for the first time at a Victorian tournament and players enjoyed writing their "new" words played on a list - a prize was given for the most new words played (won by Angie Pearse, seven played), and the highest score achieved using a new word (won by Shaun Donnelly, 50 points for "ZE"). Barry also welcomed new player Lay-Hoon Ng to her first rated tournament - Lay-Hoon had previously taken part in the non-rated Seniors Day event last October.

Khwanjai with some staff, volunteers and

Angie Pearse who played the most "New

Shaun Donnelly who played the highest
scoring "New Word"

Eloise, Emily, Shaun and Mark enjoying a
Forty players took part in three sections, and prizes of various chocolates were given at the end of the day to those who performed well.
DIVISION A was won by Anand Bharadwaj on five wins, followed by Jeremy Yip and Shirley de Silva, both on four wins. Well done, fellas! The High Game award went to Jeremy for his score of 558, and Anand played DAGGIER for 109 points to win the High Word for this section.
DIVISION B saw veteran John Parker in fine form, winning all six games, well done, John! Second place went to Kannan Sethuraman on five wins, and third was Jenny Brysha on four wins. The High Game winner was Kannan for his score of 478, and his play of JESTERS for 86 won him the High Word award as well.
DIVISION C saw our new player Lay-Hoon Ng run away with an excellent win, having won five of her games. What a great start to what we hope will be a long career in competitive Scrabble, Lay-Hoon! Second place went to Balada Catanchin also on five wins, and third placed was Elize Plaganyi on four wins. The High Game award went to Elize for her score of 468, and her word LOZENGE for 82 points won her the High Word award for this section.

Division A winners: Shirley de Silva, Anand Bharadwaj and Jeremy Yip

Division B: Jenny Brysha, John Parker and Kannan Sethuraman

Division C: Lay-Hoon Ng, Elize Plaganyi and Balada Catanchin

David Lemish who hadn't played for a
while, pictured here with Khwanjai
A message from Khwanjai: On behalf of the management, staff & the residents of McKinnon House, I would like to thank the Balwyn Community Centre for hosting this event, your generosity is truly appreciated. Also thank you to Scrabble Victoria, the players and the volunteers who have made this 3rd fundraiser tournament happen and successfully so. Special thanks to Barry Harridge our tournament director, Marj Miller, Carol Johnsen, Norma Fisher, Christie Godby, Nick Ivanovski, Jenny Brysha, Kashi Thiris & Angie Pearse for all your support including the raffle prize donations. Besides approximately $1,100 raised for our residents' end-of-year outing, what we think that we've achieved more than anything was that our residents enjoyed themselves playing Scrabble & socializing. Thank you to Marj & Barry for jiggling around the boards and many more who made them welcome. Click HERE to see 94 photos from the tournament.
Once again, thank you to the Scrabble community for your support. Regards, Khwanjai.

To see the full results of the McKinnon House Fundraiser click HERE

The Victorian Championship - June 7/8, 2019

The 2019 Victorian Champion, Trevor Halsall, with
the perpetual trophy and his individual trophy,
made by Trevor Barraclough from Lara

The winners in the Championship - Joanne Craig,
Naween Fernando, Edward Okulicz, Khwanjai Thammaping,
Dieter Jedamski, and Champion Trevor Halsall

Happy birthday girl Carol Johnsen, with
her lovely cake! Players enjoyed a slice
for morning tea

The "Melbourne Club themed"
cake, well done, Angie Winkler!
Click to enlarge
A total of 41 players met at the Windy Hill events centre in Essendon to take part in this year's Championship, with representatives from Nigeria, New Zealand, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales as well as our local Victorians competing. Thanks go to Tournament Organiser and Director Carol Johnsen and all who helped in any way, particularly Norma Fisher and Barry Harridge.
This year's event was played over two days, with nine games per day. Joanne Craig (New South Wales) was quickly out of the blocks with an early lead, with Ayorinde Saidu from Nigeria leading for a few rounds, but at the end of Day One Joanne was back in the lead.
The draw was reset before the start of Day Two, and shortly after Trevor Halsall (Victoria) emerged as the leader, maintaining this position until the end of the day. Trevor won 14 games with a margin of +556. Congratulations, Trevor, another great tournament for you - this is Trevor's third consecutive win, and his fourth overall, an amazing achievement!
Trevor was closely followed by Naween Fernando (13 wins, +1358), Joanne Craig (12 wins, +969, Barry Jordan (South Australia, 12 wins +294), and Peter Kougi (Victoria, 11 wins +576). The High Game award went to Ayorinde Saidu for his score of 605, and Edward Okulicz (Victoria) claimed the High Word award for his play of JOYRIDES for 158 points.
Awards were given for players rated below 1250, and the Highest Achiever award went to Dieter Jedamski who finished in sixteenth place (and also picked up 120 ratings points, the best overall in the Championship). Khwanjai Thammaping claimed the High Game award for her score of 559, and the High Word award her play of DREADERS for 149 points. Well done to all!

Champ Trevor Halsall plays Adam
Kretschmer from South Australia

From the left: Jenny Brysha, Frank
Csarics, Ray Alford, Dieter Jedamski

Peter Kougi, Naween Fernando,
Norma Fisher & Geoff Shepheard

Barry Harridge (Victoria) and Paul
Richards (Queensland)

At morning tea - Heather Long, Joanne Craig & Norma Fisher
At the morning break on Sunday Carol Johnsen was honoured with a scrumptious birthday cake, beautifully made and decorated by our skilled player Angie Winkler, amazing job, Angie! Carol was celebrating a milestone birthday and the cake honoured her beloved AFL team, the Melbourne Demons - Carol is a regular attendee at their matches and a very loyal fan.

Trevor Halsall plays Khwanjai Thammaping

Celebration drinks at Windy Hill

At dinner in the Windy Hill Bistro

Lois Binnie (NZ) with Ellen Frajman

Kashi Thiris and Marj Miller
To see the full results of the Victorian Championship check the archives HERE

The Queen's Birthday Event - Sunday June 9th
This 7 game tournament ran concurrently with the second day of the Championship and players were divided into two sections, with 12 in each. Jimmy Scarff made a triumphant return to Scrabble with a clean sweep in Division A - Jimmy won all 7 games, scored 662 to win the High Game award and played VOMITOS for 164 to win the High Word award. This was a non-triple-triple play and will be added to the National records as it equals Victoria's Jason Stockdale's play from 2006 of BEZIQUES for the same score. Well played, Jimmy! Second place in Division A went to Marj Miller, with Heather Long placing third.

Jimmy Scarff's board, showing his
record play of "VOMITOS"
Click to enlarge

Division A Runner up Marj Miller,
with winner Jimmy Scarff
and his awards

Division B winners: Ellen Frajman 3,
winner Glenys Dettmann and
Dianne Gibson (2nd)

Happy to be back! Jimmy Scarff, with
Gina Jordan from South Australia,
Ellen Frajman & June Valentine
Division B was won by Glenys Dettmann with six wins, followed by Dianne Gibson on 5.5 wins, and Ellen Frajman on 4.5 wins. During the day Dianne was presented with her badge marking 2000 tournament games played, a great achievement indeed, Dianne. The High Game and High Word awards both went to Dianne for her game score of 537 points, and her word play of JUTTIER for 98 points.

Dianne Gibson, wearing her "2000
game" badge

Kris Howat, Dominica Krstic, Dianne
Gibson, Angie Winkler, Betty Egan

Jenny Plant, Glenys Dettmann, and
Rod Casey

Anne Menheere, Rene Chelton,
Jeff Chelton, and Marlene Ellis
Players in both events enjoyed the surroundings at Windy Hill, including the bistro meals and generous morning and afternoon teas, and the friendly attitude of the staff at the centre. Thanks for organising it all, Carol and Norma and Committee! Thanks to Khwanjai Thammaping, Barry Harridge and Nick Ivanovski for the use of their photos, it is appreciated as always.
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